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WachaDoo Videos 

Yo these videos come with carefully-mixed stereo audio tracks.  Play them on something really good for the best results                                     and  a really enjoyable experience.  Recommended:  Ocean Way Audio HR4/HR3.5 monitors                                         

Here's a cute little video "primer" for the band in case you don't know what we look like and how we play.  This shows our basic stage setup and a sampling of some songs.  And, of course, such a handsome collection of svelte and camera-ready professional-model-quality guys, right?

Having peeked at the video above, you'll no doubt want more (who wouldn't, OMG).  So we added a few more songs and  longer selections.

This 29m video is where all the video media came from, a TV show shot at Access Framingham's video studio.  Full versions of these songs are on this one:  Push it Through/Wine/UFO/4 Letter Girl/Take it Down/Stone Solid/O Calle O.  Bon appetit; la video muzikka ala  mondo-delicioso deluxe!


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