"Hoozat Man?""


Cliff Henricksen: Composer, keys, vocals

Robin Welch: Bass, vocals

Tom Greeley: Drums, vocals

Steve Greeley: Composer, keys, vocals


Upcoming Shows & Events

Wachadoo Concert Saturday 8 June 2019 8-9 pm

Amazing Things Arts Ctr-160 Hollis St, Framingham

tickets $20, seniors $16

At this event, we'll be opening for the Kemp Harris Band at 8pm.  This should be a really juicy evening of inspiring music and playing.

Our show will include music from the growing catalog of songwriters Steve Greeley and Cliff Henricksen and we'll deliver it just the way you like it.  These are truly engaging all-original musical stories about everything you could think of and delivered with full ensemble singing and playing.  We've been told our songs sound very familiar, like many of the iconic hits of the '60's and '70's, a real compliment.  We'll play songs from our latest to-be-released album "Little White Lies", which you can listen to in the "Music" section of this website.

Here's a graphic that will end up on the CD and its cover:



Framingham, MA, USA

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